Programs on Networks Using Python

"""-----------------------Email Slicer--------------------------------"""
#defining the email  slicer function 
def email_split():
    print("\t\tWelcome to Email Slicer  ")
    email=input("Enter the email address : ")   #Getting user mail address  
    (username,domain)=email.split("@")  #splitting username

    (domain,extensions)=domain.split(".") #splitting domain name and extensions

    print("Username : ",username)
    print("Domain name: ",domain)
    print("Domain server : ",extensions)

#calling the slicer function
"""-------------------Connectivty Checker-------------------------"""
import urllib.request as urllib     #pip install urllib

def check(url):
    print("Checking connectivity.....")

    print("Connected to '",url,"' sucessfully.") # if connected
    print("The response code: ",response.getcode())

print("This is a site Connectivity Checker Program")
input_url=input("Enter the full url of the site to  check :")   # Enter the full url of the website E.g : https:\


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