Simple Quiz program Using Python

#using dictionary concept  {key : values}

            "ques":"Which city  Webgapp  is located? \nA.Chennai \t
B.Trichy \nC.Madurai \tD.Delhi",
        "Q.2":{            "ques":"What is reason for student's visit to WebGapp? \nA.Inertship \tB.Project Development \nC.Buy Project \tD.Customizing Computers ",
            "ques":"What is the basic intership provided by WebGapp? \nA.Java,HTML,CSS \t B.C++,HTML,CSS \nC.Java Script,HML,Python D.Python,HTML,CSS",
            "ques":"What is the basic web developing language? \nA.HTML,CSS \tB.HTML,Java Script \nC.HTML,Python \tD.CSS,JUava Script",
            "ques":"What is the primary project of WebGapp? \nA.Web designing \t
B.Web Development and Designing\nC.Internship \tD.Game development",

score = 0

for key, value in quiz.items():
    print(value[ 'ques'])
    answer=input("\nEnter the option : ")
    if answer.lower() == value[ 'ans'].lower():
        print("\nCorrect answer!\n")

        print("\nWrong answer! Try again \n")

print("Your score is", score,"/50")
print("You answered ",score/10," correctly out of 5 questions.")
print("Your average score is ",int((((score/10)/5)*100)),"%. ")

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